I decided to call my business "Lifesongs" because of the power music has in everyone's lives.  As toddlers we learned the alphabet with the "ABC" song. Many of us parents learned the Preamble to the Constitution through "America Rock" on Saturday mornings. Music plays a huge role in most worship settings and through it we learn prayers, Psalms and creed.  Music can help us cry, tell someone we love them (or not wink), make us laugh, or make us think. Music can be anything and everything we need it to be.

My philosophy about teaching, whether it is piano or guitar, is that a student needs to connect with the music they're learning so that they'll want to practice. Making music, whether you're practicing, in a lesson, or with a group, should be your "happy place."  To that end, I provide a supportive and relaxed environment, recognizing each student's desires and learning styles are as individual as they are.  This includes

  • Learning about the student's interests in music
  • Incorporating songs that the student knows and likes into their instruction
  • Selecting supplemental materials that help the student understand and enjoy their lessons
  • Performance opportunities at 2 showcases each year for interested students

I stress fundamentals of musicianship, which emphasizes proper counting and music dynamics so that your musician can join a group, enhance their sound, and enjoy the experience.  I feel it is more important for the student to know their craft well and feel good about playing than to speed through their method books. 

I also understand that a student is a whole person, who is part of a family and has interests at school and on sports teams. I work with families to ensure that scheduling doesn't become a source of stress or worry and will work to accommodate your scheduling needs.

You don't need to be a Pop or Rock Star to have music fill your life in many ways.  My goal is to pass on my own love and passion for music to my students so that can be enriched as I have been.  

Music is powerful.  Music is life.